People who are going through a separation or divorce typically talk to a family lawyer. Some also see a counsellor to deal with the emotional aspect of separation and divorce.

There is another person who can help in this process …a divorce coach (this term includes de facto separation as well).

Sandra Waley’s mission is to help clients make the divorce process easier and less costly.

As a coach, Sandra does not give legal advice, and unlike a therapist who explores the past, she is there to assist clients become future focused and goal orientated.

Coaching with a trained skilled professional enables individuals to manage a variety of emotions and issues, which may arise during the separation process. It provides constructive and objective support during this challenging time, and allows for clarity and understanding to help make decisions for the future.

Benefits of separation and divorce coaching

  • Discover your voice in the face of disagreement.
  • Maintain your integrity through conflict.
  • Develop skills to manage conflict.
  • Preserve and protect key relationships.
  • Make clear minded decisions even when faced with overwhelming choices.
  • Provide direction to find the appropriate resources you need to understand your options
  • If children are involved, develop skills allowing you to positively conduct your co-parenting in the future.
  • Establish the foundations for boosting self esteem and confidence.
  • Please note that all discussions private and confidential.

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