Sandra Waley offers a complete range of family mediation services and separation and divorce coaching which support individuals, partners and/or families working through relationship difficulties or roadblocks. Her mediation practice is in Gordon in Sydney, Australia.

Family mediation services

Family mediation is the process that can help resolve major family issues such as parental plans and property settlements without the high cost, stress and time of litigation through the courts.

Separation and divorce coaching

We need to write some content about what this is and how it is different to family mediation.

Family mediation and Separation and divorce coaching can include the following:

  • Parenting plans
  • Property settlement
  • Separation and divorce coaching and consulting
  • Child-focused practice
  • Child-inclusive practice (where children can be involved via feedback or in the mediation process)


Contact Sandra Waley for a confidential discussion about how family mediation can help you. You can send an email or call Sandra on 0411 355 633.