The benefits of mediation

Mediation provides a way for parties to resolve their disputes by focusing on their own and their families’ interests and concerns. The parents know their families needs better than a judge or magistrate and their decisions will be based on legal rights and obligations.

Mediation encourages parties to meet face-to-face rather than leaving them to communicate via their legal representatives. This allows all areas of concern to the parties to be dealt with, and keeps the solution in control of the parties. This solution is then more likely to be accepted then an imposed decision by a judge.

Mediation is confidential, and is conducted in an informal and relaxed environment. It is a quicker process allowing parties to move on with their lives with less emotional toll on the family and children, if involved.

It is quicker and easier to go to mediation than to court. This means you can use mediation at an early stage in the dispute, before a lot of legal costs have been incurred and both sides have become entrenched in their positions. A successful mediation will always be more cost-effective than going to court.

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