Sandra Waley is a specialist in family mediation and the managing director and principal mediator in Creative Mediation.

Sandra has extensive experience and qualifications in mediation gaining skills and a deep understanding of harmonious, collaborative and realistic ways to communicate, engage and deal with conflict.

Her passion and objectivity establish an environment which enables clients and families to communicate and achieve agreements. People in crisis, or undergoing change or difficulties are then able to create practical solutions which satisfy their particular needs and requirements.

Among the keynote strategies Sandra finds important and vital in her practice are:

  • helping people in conflict feel heard and understood and finding a pathway for their future
  • listening without judgment and creating a supportive environment
  • acknowledging the prominent role and wellbeing of children in any family dispute
  • planning the groundwork for co-parents to cater for their children’s needs .. over and above the power struggle.. in a loving,
  • supportive environment
  • developing conflict management skills so that families can respond in healthy ways to conflict in the future.
  • helping clients to understand their options in the separation and divorce process
  • providing an affordable alternative to the emotional and financial costs of litigation
  • empowering people to know their rights, to enable choices aligned with their values and goals.
  • ensuring confidentiality.


Sandra combines her background in the law, her extensive coaching and mediation skills and genuine compassion to minimise conflict. This assists clients to engage in constructive conversation in all phases of the conflict process.

Creative Mediation services are designed to settle separation, relationship and divorce issues for families, partners or de-factos.

Sandra Waley is based in Gordon, Sydney. However, Creative Mediation offers the option of consulting in other areas for a small extra cost.

Contact Sandra by email or call 0411 355 633.